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Soul Coaching
Oracle Card Readings

What does your soul want you to know?

The cards can help you discover your own deepest desires and wishes.  They can also guide you into action to achieve your goals.  They are a mirror that reflects your own energy back to you in a way that often makes it easier to understand and integrate.

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Tarot Card Deck

What will you ask?

You can ask the cards most anything!  Here are a few ideas to get you started

  • acquiring greater abundance

  • romance/your twin flame

  • your soul purpose

  • the month/season ahead

  • your chakra aligment

  • spiritual counseling

  • what your guides or ancestors want you to know

  • past, present, future

  • body, mind, spirit

  • decision making

  • resolving a problem

  • inspiration

  • your innate assets and abilities

  • sacred messages

  • seven influences

  • achieving your goals

  • anything else you'd like clarity on!


Let Katia know what you're wondering about and she'll help personalize a spread just for you!

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Connect with your soul to find new clarity

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