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Image by Farzad Mohsenvand

Flow with the Moon

with us

Are you mesmerized by the moon?  Join us as we observe the flow of the phases and the changes they bring through our lives.  Learn to manifest your wishes and intentions by following the moon's energetic shifts.

In our circle, we engage in a collection of healing rituals to welcome different moon phases and support each other through the moon cycle each month.  We also embrace the overtones of different zodiac signs and the themes they bring into our personal astrology as well as the collective moon medicine of the moment.

Up Next: New Moon in Aries

New Moon Circle Event: Friday, April 21, 5-7p HST
Exact Aries Solar Eclipse: Wednesday, April 19, 9:13p PST 

Join Katia from Rainbow Reiki Energy and Katie from Six Hibiscus Studio in downtown Hilo to connect both with the Aries new moon energy and with some new friends in our new moon circle!  Moon energy is potent for 3 days before and after the exact moon phase so this will be a great time to set your intentions!

We'll practice a collection of healing rituals together:

  • opening meditation to embrace Aries moon energy

  • introductions to the other members of the circle

  • connect with your personalized sun, moon, and rising sign to see how your astrology connects with the astrology of the moment

  • find your own guide for this moon phase with our oracle deck

  • create a collective altar space

  • prepare your own moon water elixir

  • fire ceremony to alchemize your intentions and dreams to their fullest potential

  • final meditation to close the circle and empower you as you head into the new moonth

  • ++ optional yoga after the ritual practices so you can embody the energy with physical movement (a bonus hour after the event)!

Come flow with us!

What do the moon phases mean?

Moon Phases

The moon rules our emotions, home, femininity, instincts, needs, past, roots, and subconscious.  She also rules our energy and helps us know when to push for our dreams and our highest potential and when to rest and receive.  By following her 8 main phases, we can manifest and live life with more flow and ease.

Image by Ray ZHUANG


New Moon

During this phase, the moon seems to disappear.  In the darkness, we contemplate what's coming and what we want to manifest into reality.  Allow dreams and ideas to form through writing and drawing.  Care for your physical body.


Waxing Crescent Moon

In this contemplative phase, explore the depths of your intention- why you want it, what it really looks like, and what it means to you.  Visualize and courageously find faith that this wish can be your new reality.

Image by nousnou iwasaki
Image by Guillermo Ferla


First Quarter Moon

Now that you know exactly what you want and why it means so much to you, it's time to take purposeful, illuminated action toward your wish coming true.


Gibbous Moon

This phase is a great time to pause and build trust.  It's a time to move a little slower, and make any adjustments that might be needed for your plans to succeed.

Image by NASA
Image by Pedro Lastra


Full Moon

This is the climax of the lunar cycle.  It's full of big yang energy so it's a great time to move your physical body.  Make time to release, forgive, and detox to make room for the new wishes you're manifesting.


Disseminating Moon

Relax and decompress after the intensity of the full moon.  What have you learned so far about this intention coming to fruition? Express gratitude for what has come and what is still on its way.

Image by Gino
Image by NASA


Third Quarter Moon

This is another phase of action- is your manifestation close?  If not, why not?  What final steps can you take?  This phase is also a time to actively give and help.  It's a time for finding balance.

Image by Linda Xu


Balsamic Moon

This phase is about soothing and healing.  It's time to surrender and reflect, whether you manifested your wish or not.  Relax and enjoy where you are here and now.  Another lunar cycle will soon begin...

Image by Jacob Dyer

Moon Magic Intentional Circle

Hey moon gazer, join in and let us grow with you and support you on your lunar journey!  At different times, we will meet in different parts of the moon cycle to examine different phases and their implications and gifts.  We'll join together in healing rituals that complement the phase of the moment and its role in your lunar manifestation journey.  See what's coming up next...

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