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Reiki For Stress Management

Unfortunately, stress affects most people in our society in a big way. Because we're busy with work, home, family, and many other daily tasks, stress often piles up, sometimes without us even realizing it. So many people are turning to stress-reducing techniques like those used in Reiki, which is a spiritual energy used in healing, meditation, and spiritual growth.

Introduction to Reiki

When a person is introduced to channeling Reiki, an initiation called a “Reiki Attunement” takes place. The attunement brings the person into a relationship with Reiki energy, and is usually activated by a trained Reiki Master Teacher, like Katia. During a Reiki Attunement, the person’s dense energy is cleared and released, and etheric and chakras fields are strengthened and aligned so the newly attuned Reiki practitioner will be able to receive and transmit that high-frequency healing light energy called Reiki.

Learning to Relax

Stress usually takes over when people are fearful, doubtful, or full of worry about things that are happening around them. Some people live in a constant state of tension without realizing that it's even happening. The body naturally reacts with fatigue, moodiness, and sometimes even dis-ease. To relieve stress, it's important to learn to relax and overcome the fears and worries of everyday life.

Reiki helps people relieve the emotional and physical strain of stress and to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit. People can return to a relaxed, peaceful state of being by clearing energy bodies and unblocking meridians, chakras, and nadis.

Reiki Methods of Stress Reduction and Elimination

Beyond using the healing energy of Reiki itself, there are many methods used in Reiki sessions to enhance its stress-reducing benefits.

Crystal Healing

One method is crystal healing, where crystals are placed on the body to bring their relaxing or healing energies into the body during the Reiki session.


Reiki practitioners often use healing scents like essential oils to add to the relaxing sensory experience. Sage bundles, palo santo, and incense may also be used to clear the room and the energy of the recipient. These items also have wonderful aromatic properties and stress-reducing abilities.

Sound Bowl Healing

Sometimes crystal bowls are used to create sounds of healing and relaxation. The crystalline sounds carry Reiki energy deep into the body to enhance the relaxation process. Tension is released and the body begins to relax and respond to the Reiki energy. The crystal sounds promote deep tension release in the very cells of the body to create stress reduction from within. Crystal bowls are available in different sizes and can be tuned to any note desired – flats, sharps, or pure tones.

Sound Healing with Drums

Another method of Reiki stress management is through healing drumming. Healing drumming introduces Reiki energy to a person’s body through the use of a drum beat. The drumming helps to create a deep, relaxing state as stress is relieved.

Reiki Symbols

Reiki symbols can be used by Reiki 2 and above practitioners to enhance and direct the intention of the Reiki energy. For example, there are symbols specific to emotional trauma or healing past wounds.

Reiki and Stress

There is a deep connection between the physical body, the spiritual being, and the mind. Stress affects all three in a negative way. Using Reiki techniques for stress management is one way a person can lead a more relaxed, peaceful life.

Ready for more?

If you're ready to learn more about Reiki, check out my workshops, Reiki healing sessions, or virtual programs. I can't wait to share more with you!

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