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Sacral Chakra Healing: Sensuality, Creativity, and Joy: meaning, meditations, balancing & more

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Sacral Chakra Healing: Sensuality, Creativity, and Joy

The sacral chakra is also called the Svadhistana chakra in Sanskrit. It is associated with the color orange and is located a couple of inches below your belly button and in your sexual organs.

It is responsible for emotion, sensuality, creativity, pleasure, and enjoyment. It also helps with relating to others. This chakra is also related to sexuality. For this chakra, it’s important to connect feelings with the body, mind, and spirit. This chakra helps with the affirmation: I feel. It's associated with the water element so water can help to balance it.

A person with a well-balanced sacral chakra feels empathy and warmth toward others. They give in to urges of creativity and have a flow of creative energy through their body, soul, and mind.

A blocked Sacral Chakra can lead to unhealthy feelings around sexuality, either excessive or suppressed. An underactive sacral chakra can lead to a feeling of a lack of control. It can manifest as an inability to cope with life's changes and challenges, which can lead to detaching from emotions or others. When it is overactive, it is overwhelmed with energy, and you feel overwhelmed too, which can manifest as strong emotional reactions, mood swings, or dependence on others.

Sacral Chakra Healing: Sensuality, Creativity, and Joy

Location and functions

sacral chakra: location, functions, balancing, meditation, and more

The sacral chakra is located a couple of inches below your belly button and in your sexual organs. It is associated with the water element, which means it should be very fluid, especially with thoughts and emotions. Imbalances with this chakra can lead to too much or too little emotion or too much or too little sexual energy or desire.


The seed mantra associated with the Svadhistana chakra is “Vam” or “Vang.” Chanting this syllable aloud or internally can help you connect with this chakra and its functions.


While meditating on this mantra, there are a couple of mudras you can try. Make the Shakti mudra by tucking the thumbs into a fist under the first two fingers.

Bring the hands together so the ring and pinky fingers on both hands meet as the second knuckles of the pointer and middle fingers connect in their fists. You can hold the mudra in front of your heart or your sacral chakra.

Alternatively, try the dhyani mudra. Stack your right hand on top of the left in your lap. Bring the tips of the thumbs to meet so your hands connect in a full circle.


Each of the chakras also has an affirmation. For the sacral chakra, you can remind yourself, “I feel.”Think of physical sensual feelings and emotional, rich feelings. Think of pleasure and creativity. Feel all of it.


Also, you can try imagining an orange light glowing within your sacral chakra and radiating from it, warming, healing, and nurturing your chakra.


Hip opening yoga poses also help to balance the sacral chakra. Lots of stress and tension are held in the hips and opening them relieves the joint and the emotions. Try poses like half happy baby (ardha ananda balasana), pigeon (kapotasana), cow face pose (gomukasana), wide-angle seated forward bend (upavistha konasana), reclining bound angle pose (supta baddha konasana), and fire log pose (agnistambhasana).

Essential Oils

Also try essential oils to balance the sacral chakra: patchouli, bergamot, orange, and rose (I recommend doTERRA oils).


Balancing the sacral chakra is very important. Creativity, understanding feelings, relating to others are all crucial for being your best self in this life and really knowing yourself.

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