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Things you can Reiki: A Quick List!

Reiki can help with... most anything! Here's a super quick list of things you might want to try giving Reiki to for more flow, balance, peace and alignment in your day!

  • Your water

  • Your food

  • A pet

  • Your bedroom

  • Your home

  • Your day

  • Your future hopes/dreams via your journal

  • Reiki box

  • A plant

  • Tarot/oracle/intention Cards

  • Crystals

  • Your calendar

  • Someone who is with you

  • Someone you love

  • Someone you’re not so fond of

  • A stranger

  • Your office or workspace

  • Your computer/phone/electronics

  • Your wallet

  • Candles

  • Your Car

  • supplements/medications

  • Laundry

  • Essential oils or other products you use

  • Tools of your trade- yoga mat/art supplies/sports supplies/musical instruments

  • Jewelry

  • Books

  • Any room that needs freshening up

  • World peace

  • Earth

Want more details? Check out this course! Each of these ideas has its own video tutorial AND there's a daily gassho meditation and daily Reiki self-practice video. And they're all set in beautiful locations around the Big Island of Hawaii!

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