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Throat chakra: communication and expression: meanings, meditation, balancing, mantras and mudra

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Throat chakra: communication and expression: meanings, meditation, balancing, mantras and mudra

The throat chakra is also called the Vishuddha chakra. It's associated with pale blue as well as silver and greenish-blue. It’s located in the neck, throat, thyroid, jaw, ears, voice, lungs, and arms. It's associated with the sense of hearing. It is responsible for communication, both internal and external. It's connected to creative self-expression, openness, independence, and inspiration too.

A balanced throat chakra allows you to express your thoughts, feelings, and inner world freely and without fear. It connects you to divine inspiration, trusting your intuition, independence, and creative expression as well. The fifth chakra is also associated with the Ether element.

A disharmonious Throat Chakra leads to blocked communication between the mind and body, leading to a lack of understanding of your own feelings or denial of those feelings. Even if you have deep inner knowledge, a blocked throat chakra can lead to a lack of open expression of feelings because of fear of others' judgment. It may cause you to be out of touch with your intuition and inner desires.

Throat chakra: communication and expression: meanings, meditation, balancing, mantras and mudra


As you prepare to meditate, chant or sing, try this throat chakra mudra. Interlace your fingers so that the tips come inside the palms. Connect the tips of the thumbs, reaching slightly up to round the shape of the hands. Place your connected mudra in your lap, find a comfortable upright seat and then add mantra, meditation or another technique of your choice.


To open the throat chakra, try to bij mantra or seed mantra sound, “ham.” You can chant it aloud or internally.If you prefer English, you can try the affirmation, "I speak." If you have something specific you want to say, thinking about the words or mood you wish to invoke can also help.

Other ways to engage your throat chakra

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Singing, crying, chanting, laughing, and talking can also help your throat chakra release blockages and open again. Allow your throat freedom- release and take on these actions fully-- laugh with your whole heart, sing with all of the air and volume you can muster, or weep sob and moan. It's only for you.

Also, pranayama like Ujjayi breath can help your throat chakra.


Image a blue light in your throat. Slowly allow that light to emanate out from your throat. Allow the light to open your airways and your mind. Allow it to heal you and soothe you. Alternatively, you can imagine releasing your negative feelings on your exhales during a meditation. Allow yourself to fully feel your feelings, observe them and release them. Allow yourself to move past feelings that don't serve you. Reunite with your truth and your confidence.

Asanas for the throat chakra

Asanas that stretch the neck are best for the throat chakra, like gently rolling the neck, camel, shoulder stand and fish pose.

Sky Blue

All things blue are helpful for this chakra. For foods, try blueberries, blue corn or blue-ish sweet potatoes.

Essential oils can also help the throat chakra. Try lavender, basil, chamomile, peppermint (I recommend doTERRA oils because of their purity).

Also, try wearing blue to encourage throat chakra energy.

Vishuddha Chakra

The throat chakra is a crucial spiritual force. Confident self-expression, creativity, and self-understanding are all critical functions of the throat chakra and great reasons to give your throat chakra some extra attention and love.

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