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Using Meditation To Clear Blockages and Align the Chakras

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

[Scroll down to read and hear the meditation below.]

There are seven basic Chakras in our bodies. Each has its own location, function, influence, and color. They are the seven spinning energy centers in the human body.

The chakras symbolize the different stages we are to go through to attain the ultimate nirvana. We start at the base center and work up. The ultimate is the crown center, which is a connection to the divine, all-that-is, and beyond.

In this meditation we focus on the base center, bringing a bright light up through each chakra to the crown center and back, taking deep breaths through the nose and letting go through our mouth slowly while only focusing on the light and the chakras.

If there is a blockage you will likely feel it. This is why you need to understand chakra meditation before you start. It's a wonderful way to cleanse your body of blockages. If one of your chakras is blocked it will feel different than the other chakras do- it could be any kind of sensation (hot, cold, electric, dense, tingly, light, sharp, soft, loose, etc), just relax and spend a few extra breaths on that chakra, focusing on the chakra's wellness. As a journaling exercise afterward, you could look at that chakra's domain (check out THIS POST) and see what in your life could be out of balance in relation to the aspects that the chakra connects to. Is it underactive or overactive? What do you feel that helps you know?

Go deeper

And for further study on any given chakra, check out the chakra books in the SHOP. They look like this:

and for individual chakras, choose these ones:

Any blockage can be worked out and healed. People feel out of balance when one or more of their chakras are blocked (all of the chakras are linked and one blocked chakra can affect the other chakras, allowing too much or too little energy to flow on to the others).

When you do the meditation you need to be in a peaceful and quiet place. Sit with your feet on the ground and the palms of your hands facing up. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths before you start so you can relax. Then visualize a bright light and begin your chakra meditation below!

Chakra Meditation

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