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These stones are my favorite!  I love the chakra designs on each one.  They're light and small so easy to put onto a Reiki recipient during a session as you heal each chakra or specific chakras. 


The set includes one stone for each chakra, such as the following 7 stones:

-Red Jasper- helps with balance, grounding, endurance, courage, and strength

-Red Carnelian- self-confidence, fearlessness, passion, energy, and life

-Topaz- helps with love, affection, joy, rejuvenation, awareness, empowerment, and manifestation

-Aventurine- helps with manifestation, abundance, love, optimism, vitality, and accepting change

-Lapis Lazuli- helps with manifestation, meditation, strength, courage, wisdom, intellect, truth

-Amethyst- helps with serenity, understanding, trust, tranquility, calm, and grace

-Clear Crystal- helps with increasing high vibrations, clearing the body, mind, and spirit, reducing emotional stress, connecting with the chakras, restoration, emotional stability


Each stone is about 25mm and weighs about 40g.


They're perfect for Reiki-ing the chakras!

Natural Chakra Stone Set

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