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Image by Diego PH

Usui/Holy Fire® III

Reiki Master Workshop

Find Your Full Reiki Power

October 18, 19 & 20, 2024


March 14, 15 & 16, 2024

Three beautiful days (9a-5p) in Hilo

Become a Certified Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master

Becoming a Reiki Master

This is a very exciting step in your healing journey!  If you enjoyed connecting to Reiki energy in Reiki 1 and learning to charge Reiki with the power of the Reiki symbols in Reiki 2, then you're ready to step into a whole new level of healing.  It's time for you to become a Reiki Master.

Image by Linus Nylund


In Japanese, the word for the Reiki Master class is Shinpiden, which means mystery teaching.  Becoming a Reiki Master may bring you closer to understanding the mysteries of life and consciousness.  Your awareness will develop more fully and you will heal on a deeper level.  Your relationship with Reiki and with yourself will continue to evolve as you continue to practice Reiki.  The Reiki you channel will be more refined, more effective, and more compassionate.

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This workshop includes 4 ignitions, which collectively instill a connection to Holy Fire III® energy within you.  You'll also have a Master Practitioner Placement, which will bind you to Reiki Master energy and bring you closer to the source of Reiki.  (Ignitions and placements are types of attunements.)

You'll also have 2 Reiki experiences, which are partially-guided meditations that connect you to Reiki and its healing in new ways through your subconscious experience.

You'll learn two new Reiki symbols and how to use their energy to empower your Reiki healing.

Image by Ravi Pinisetti


This workshop is full of healing practices to add to your understanding and use of Reiki energy.

You'll learn

  • how Holy Fire® III works

  • the concepts of the Authentic Self, Culturally-Created Self, and Dormant Self

  • how to use crystals and stones with Reiki

  • to flow with the Reiki moving meditation

  • to describe the essence of Reiki

  • to embody the values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master

  • how to practice the Holy Fire® Meditation

  • how to heal religious trauma and spiritual attachments with Reiki

  • about the Brothers and Sisters of the Light, Unification Consciousness, Becoming the Authentic Self, and the Spirit of the Earth

  • how to perform Reiki surgery

Giving and Receiving

As you practice Reiki more, the Reiki energy that you call in will become stronger.  You will also have a stronger awareness of its energy.  And you will have a stronger connection to the source of Reiki.

During this workshop, there will be lots of time to practice Reiki with your fellow Reiki Master students.  You'll also have time to discuss what you have experienced in giving and receiving together.  This will help you better understand your abilities and powers.


Taking the Seat of the Teacher

During this workshop, you will also learn to teach Reiki experiences, workshops, and courses.  You will become a certified Reiki Master Teacher. 


While teaching is not required of Reiki Masters, it can be a beautiful way to share your practice and a lot of fun!  Some Reiki Masters choose to share their teachings exclusively with friends and family whom they wish to help on their own healing journey.  You will have the ability to attune others and share Reiki in whatever way you wish.

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Meet Katia

Katia will be your Reiki Master Teacher for this event.  She's been living, loving, and practicing Reiki since 2019.  She is a Usui/Holy Fire® III  Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki® Master.  She is also the owner of Rainbow Reiki Energy.  She loves bringing community and positivity to every workshop, healing session, and event!


She loves to empower others and help them find their best, most aligned self: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. After living and teaching abroad in Asia for a decade, her world was opened to new ways of thinking and being. She embraced yoga and its philosophies, Ayurveda, crystal healing, connection to nature, Buddhist meditation, and of course Reiki!

Image by Zoltan Tukacs


First and foremost, Katia is an outstanding teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable about Reiki, healing, chakras, and the body as an energy system. In addition, she is very conscientious and responsive. All the work she does (outreach, information, presentations, etc.) is carefully and thoughtfully prepared, and focused on the needs of her clients. What I appreciate most of all about working with Katia is her gentle, caring approach, and her great sense of humor! -Rich


Katia has a warm, friendly, and spiritual presence. She knows Reiki's history and practices and offers a supportive environment for learning and healing. I highly recommend her sessions and courses.



Katia is a gifted healer. She is super focused, highly intuitive & shares an abundance super high vibe energy that feels safe, loving, kind & amazingly clear.

I highly recommend her for reiki healing sessions.

🙏🏼💖Mahalo Nui Katia❣️ -Liz


Katia provided compassionate hands-on experience for Reiki.  I feel much more knowledgeable and excited on how to incorporate Reiki into my future. -Ella


Katia is amazing.  She freely is open to guide and share.  What a remarkable moment, I look forward to more teaching.  -Kahaku


Class was more than what I thought it would be.  I am leaving with so much more wisdom, healing and amazing energy.  Katia is a great teacher.  -Kūlia

Katia is an exceptional teacher- knowledgeable, patient, connecting, and she imparts her love of Reiki to her students. -Linda


Our Healing Sanctuary

For this workshop, we'll be at the new Rainbow Reiki Energy studio conveniently located right in downtown Hilo.  It's a gorgeous high-vibe spot that's perfect for this beautiful weekend of growth, healing, connection, and personal development.

I've also rented the studio next door so we'll have lots of space!

6 hibsiscus_edited.jpg

I'm ready

What to bring to class:

  • water

  • snacks

  • lunch (or you can go out during the 45-minute lunch break)

  • a journal/notebook & a pen

  • anything you love for savasana!  You can choose to do the meditations lying down

  • a crystal (or many!) that you'd like to imbue with reiki energy

  • ​openness to learn and share

So excited for your healing and growth as a Reiki Master!




*Fine Print: You will receive a refund if the event is canceled or rescheduled. If you cannot attend for some other reason, you will be given a credit you can apply to future classes (up to 24 hours ahead- cancelation within 24 hours is non-refundable).  You must attend all three days in full to receive your certification

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