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Rainbow Reiki Energy
and Heart Star Healing Arts present

A Chakra Healing
Journey with Venus

to Reclaim Right Relationship with the Sacred Feminine,
Above and Below,
Within and Without

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Join Us On The Journey

If you've been

✨ feeling lost, unbalanced, or not wholly yourself

✨ reaching for something more

✨ looking for sisterhood and sacred healing

✨ ready to shift and light a new spark in your life

✨ hoping to rise and live your best life,

Join us!


We'll help you shine light on your path and purpose and reconnect with your authentic self and the sacred feminine.

Get ready to attune to the visible cycle of Venus!  We will journey with the goddess as she makes her way through our evening sky.  The witnessing of this sky journey is the foundation of the Sumerian story of Inanna (the Queen of Heaven and Earth).  The story describes her descent to the underworld and ascent back from the underworld.  It's one of the oldest stories ever recorded and its ancient, sacred roots will be deeply felt through our healing journey together.

We'll track the Venus cycle as a journey through the chakras, reclaiming a healthy and vibrantly alive “Right Relationship” with each chakra in turn, from Root to Crown, and beyond to the Soul Star Chakra above.



We gather each time Venus meets the crescent moon.  The crescent moons symbolize gates that Venus travels through as she rises from the underworld.  Each gate brings our focus to a new chakra as we rise as well. 


The chakra events have taken place about once a month starting December 17, 2022 (dates for the full journey are determined astrologically and follow below). 


Claim a seat in the circle to heal your chakras as we rise together. 

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Image by Dana Luig
Image by Rebecca Peterson-Hall

Virtual Venus:

The virtual journey includes live Zoom calls each month to share which chakra we're working with and the astrological medicine of the coming moon cycle.

There are also asynchronous video versions of the activities shared in the in-person healing event so you can take on this transformative work in your own time from anywhere in the world. 


We'll let you know when the moon will meet Venus so you can witness each of the unions and align your chakra work with the cycles.  If you're on the Big Island you're welcome to join us in star gazing that night.

Healing tools and resources will also be dropped in our exclusive Venus members' group throughout the journey to help you along your path.  You can also share your experience and connect with other members in the group.

Image by Jené Stephaniuk

Up Next:

Soul Star Chakra Gate Gathering

2-5pm July 15 in Leilani (and online!)

Join us in celebrating the Soul Star Chakra and connection to the divine. Embrace your authentic, empowered inner goddess!


We will empower the Soul Star Chakra through a collection of healing rituals:


  • learn about Venus' astrological and mythological journey and how it plays into your Soul Star Chakra healing (join us virtually for this portion! Can't make it? No worries, you'll get the replay!)

  • Crystal grid meditation/activation 

  • ‘Tea time’ Connection to  nourish body & soul

  • Guided 8th Chakra sound healing journey 

  • Connect with your beautiful sisters (& brothers!) on this chakra-balancing path

Plus you'll be supported through virtual videos and resources to guide you throughout the Soul Star Chakra month (and you'll have access to the previous chakras' healing videos too!).

Joining Virtually?

We'll have video versions of each activity so you can follow along from anywhere in the world at a time that's convenient for you!

Image by Mark Fairhurst
Image by Luca Bravo
Image by Aperture Vintage

Healing Methodologies


This journey is based on Venus' astrological path and mythology.  The journey is marked by her connections with the sun and moon.  Learn about how she travels across the sky and how it all relates to you.

Sound Therapy

The vibration of sound is a powerful tool!  We will use singing bowl therapies, chants, drum circles, songs and more to enrich our journey and illuminate the path.

Shamanic Journeys

These deep meditations will transport you to connect with yourself, past, present, and future.  The Shamanic journeys are especially powerful because they are empowered by Reiki energy.  Meet your truest self and find guidance on your path as it unfolds.


We will take time for stillness and reflection as well as more dynamic forms of meditation.  We'll use guided visualizations, moving meditations, and more to support the growth and discovery along the journey.


Our entire event is charged and empowered by Reiki energy.  Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy and we will call it in to guide our journey, heal our old wounds, release what no longer serves, and empower our paths to becoming our best selves.


The body is an energetic being and it must be put into motion to release the old and clear the way for the greatest new self.  We'll move through yoga, dance, moving meditations, and more to fuel the fire within 

Image by Brad Mann

Chakra Gate Gatherings

Each time Venus aligns with the Cresent Moon, we will pass through a new chakra gate. We'll work with the goddess from Root to Crown, above and below, within and without, to rise together in finding new balance and connecting to the greatest version of self we were always meant to be.

Each month, the Saturday before Venus and the Crescent Moon meet, we will gather to explore what each chakra represents, how to connect its intentions to our own lives, and elevate its functionality to become a higher version of self.

We will start with the astrological connections and the story of Inanna as a base.  From there we will dive into Shamanic journeying, Reiki, aromatherapy, sound therapy, meditation, movement, healing circles, and more to build each chakra's vibrations during our gathering.

Save your seat in the circle

Home Chakra

You'll leave each event with a new understanding and a deeper relationship with the chakra we're working on. 


We'll guide you in when to watch the sky for the exact timing of the chakra gate during the week ahead. 

And we'll also send you home with tools and ideas for connecting with the chakra during the month at home. 


You'll get an ebook of meditations, affirmations, yoga poses, scents to try, journal prompts, ways to connect with nature, and much more to explore!

And you can also choose to receive a monthly gift box that has tools for connection to the chakra as well, such as crystals, candles, soaps, teas, and surprises!

You'll also be invited to join our virtual Venus Chakra Journey group where you can chat with other members.  We'll add discussion questions and drop videos and other resources into the group to help stoke the fire of discovery.

Image by Jared Rice

What will I heal with each chakra?

Image by Alexander Mils

The Root Chakra

Connect with the Root Chakra for security, survival, vital energy, and trust. It relates to the Earth and the material world, stability, and the power to succeed.

Image by Ben Ayers

The Sacral Chakra

Connect with the Sacral Chakra to reignite primal feelings, flow in life, sensuality, sexuality, creativity, and enthusiasm.


The Solar Plexus Chakra

Connect with the Solar Plexus Chakra to help with clarifying your personality, becoming your true self, influence, power, strength, self-esteem, willpower, and growing through experience.

Image by Scott Webb

The Heart Chakra

Connect with the Heart Chakra for love, compassion, sharing, empathy, selflessness, devotion, kindness, and healing. The Heart Chakra connects the physical and spiritual worlds, as well as the upper and lower chakras.

Image by Mathilde Normandeau

The Throat Chakra

Connect with the Throat Chakra for clear communication, creative self-expression, openness, expansiveness, independence, inspiration, truth, and access to the subtle levels of being.

Image by Alex

The Third Eye Chakra

Connect with the Third Eye Chakra to develop intuition, inner senses, mental powers, perception, manifestation, and the link between the inner and outer worlds.

Image by Daniel Sturgess

The Crown Chakra

Connect with the Crown Chakra for a connection to the divine, spiritual wisdom, union with the Universal being, universal consciousness, and enlightenment.

Chakra Gate Gathering Dates

July 15, 2023


Soul Star Chakra Gate

And another round will follow as the Venus cycle continues...

Image by Tomas Jasovsky


"I feel that attending the Venus Journey was a gift to self and it was an opportunity to go deeper and supported my commitment to expressing and sharing my Soul, Higher Self, and Inner Being."


"I really enjoyed the yoga, learning about the connection between Reiki and Venus, and the Sigil process.  The sharing and getting to know more people with sweet intentions was wonderful."


"This was an amazing journey. It got me out of my comfort zone.  I did new things and felt safe and loved."


"I really enjoyed this class.  Loved the information about Venus and how she relates to healing.  Really enjoyed the community of love and sharing."



The Venue

You have 2 choices!  You can join us live in person in Leilani Hawai'i or online in your own time!

Our Leilani location is a beautiful high-vibe jungle sanctuary.  Some of our activities will be held outside on the lanai or in the garden, both of which are surrounded by lush, grounding natural forest.  And some of the activities will be inside with cozy pillows and warm soulful decorations.  It's the perfect place to unwind and realign.

If you're joining us in-person you'll also have access to the virtual resources and the members' group.  So if one of the gathering dates doesn't align with your schedule, you won't miss the healing that takes place during the event.

Virtual Venus

You can join us online!  We will have recorded virtual versions of the events' activities so you can follow along in your own time from anywhere on Earth!  We will record the videos in advance so if you choose to, you can participate at the same time as the gathering takes place.  And we'll drop more resources throughout the month to aid you in your transformative healing journey.

Ready for transformation and healing?

Meet Your Guides


Katia Davis

Katia loves bringing community and positivity to every Rainbow Reiki workshop, healing session, and event!  Reiki has been such a beautiful force in her life and she feels compelled to share it!

She has always been drawn to healing and to teaching. She loves to empower others and help them find their best, most aligned self: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. After living and teaching abroad in Asia for a decade, her world was opened to new ways of thinking and being. She embraced yoga and its philosophies (and is a certified yoga teacher), Ayurveda, crystal healing, connection to nature, Buddhist meditation, and of course Reiki!  Her connection to the spiritual healing energy is strong.

Katia is also a maker- she handcrafts the soaps, candles, teas, and some of the other surprise items in the sensual chakra boxes.


Elizabeth Thomas


Liz's journey in the healing arts began in 1995 with her first Reiki attunement; she  has studied and practiced a variety of healing modalities over the years including 


Polarity Therapy & Zen Shiatsu Acupressure at Heartwood Institute; Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with Aunty Margaret Machado & Long Life Lomi Lomi with Dr. Dane Silva. Eventually the path led right back home to Reiki!

Liz is also a passionate astrologer and has been a member of the Venus Alchemy community since 2014, engaging ceremonially with Venus from Morning to Evening Star as a cyclic journey through the chakras, guided by Shamanic Astrologers, Cayelin K Castell, Tami Brunk, and Sheridan Semple.

Inspiration for this course came from Daniel Giamario’s research into the Venus Synodic Cycle as it relates to the ancient Sumerian Myth of Inanna.

Your Venus Chakra Journey

You are a golden goddess.  Unleash your most authentic self and ignite your personal powers.


This supportive sisterhood will be with you every step of the way on your astrologically-guided, transformational, healing, empowering journey.

Reclaim Your Connection to the Sacred Feminine and all that you are meant to be.

shutterstock dreamy crescent_edited.jpg

I am a golden goddess.

Image by Shashank Sahay

Venus Return Cycle Offer

Folks who are in a personal 8 year Venus Return Cycle, turning a multiple of 8 - age 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88 etc., between 1/15/22 & 8/18/23 are eligible for a special gift when signing up for the Evening Star series - a free Venus specific Astrology Reading.

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