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Let's Flow: Yoga!

Yoga is a beautiful form of movement that moves energy within the body. In Japanese, that energy is ki and we can move it with Rei-ki. In Sanskrit, life force energy is called prana and we can move it with yoga, which means yoke or union.  It's a beautiful practice and I can't wait to share it with you!

Upcoming Yoga Offerings!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Your Yoga Instructor: Katia

Katia loves healing of all kinds but yoga was her first passion. She loves the peace and balance that moving the physical body can bring to her body, mind, and spirit.  She also loves the other aspects of yoga beyond the asana, like mantra, meditation, breath work, and mudras.  She also loves to share yoga and empower others.

She was certified as a hatha yoga instructor by High Vibe Yoga in Bali in 2016.  She taught yoga in Nicaragua and Myanmar before moving to Hawaii.  She also became certified in Imagination Yoga as a kids' yoga instructor in 2021.  She can't wait to see you on the mat!

6 hibsiscus_edited.jpg

The Studio

The gorgeous Six Hibiscus studio will cleared out so there's lots of empty space to move and flow.  From this photo you can see that it has great high vibes that are perfect for a peaceful yoga flow!

What to Bring


  • yoga mat

  • water

  • any other props you have for yoga (eg strap, block, blanket) or relaxing on the floor for our final relaxation posture (eg pillows, eye mask, socks)

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