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Our Story

Learn, Heal, Grow Together.

We welcome you to unlock a new form of self-care in your life! Reiki encourages you to release tension, anxiety, fear, and other negative feelings.  Reiki healing energy will transform your idea of relaxation, refresh your outlook, and bring you new clarity, peace, and balance.  Reiki is such a beautiful gift to share with others as well!  We're so happy that you're here and can't wait to share more with you!

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Hi! I'm Katia!

(Pronounced like Arcadia, but without the pirate ARRR)

I love bringing community and positivity to every Rainbow Reiki workshop, healing session, and event!  Reiki has been such a beautiful force in my life and I feel compelled to share it with you!  I'd love to meet you at one of our events or for a one-on-one Reiki healing session!

I have been practicing, living, and loving Reiki since 2019.  I am passionate about making change in people's lives with energy healing. I am an Usui/Holy Fire III® Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher.  My connection to the spiritual healing energy is strong. I can't wait to share it with you in a Reiki session or Reiki workshop!


I offer Reiki healing sessions at Rainbow Reiki Energy in downtown Hilo - Book a Session - or I can bring my Reiki table to your place for your session. I also offer other related services, such as chakra balancing, aura clearing, meditation instruction, Reiki-infused yoga, and more soon!

I also offer Reiki workshops so you can learn to give Reiki to yourself and others!  Become an energy healer!  Check out the upcoming workshops here.

I have always been drawn to healing and to teaching. I love to empower others and help them find their best, most aligned self: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. After living and teaching abroad in Asia for a decade, my world was opened to new ways of thinking and being. I embraced yoga and its philosophies, Ayurveda, crystal healing, connection to nature, Buddhist meditation, and of course Reiki! I didn't fully understand Reiki when started learning about it, but I dove in anyway and quickly fell in love. It left me with such feelings of peace and calm, connection to source, and a knowingness about my path. It helped me heal physical pains within myself and soothe my anxiety. I felt a deep sense of gratitude for Reiki and knew I was called to share it.

I am enthusiastic and caring and can't wait to share Reiki with you!


What People Are Saying About Reiki with Katia

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First and foremost, Katia is an outstanding teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable about Reiki, healing, chakras, and the body as an energy system. In addition, she is very conscientious and responsive. All the work she does (outreach, information, presentations, etc.) is carefully and thoughtfully prepared, and focused on the needs of her clients. What I appreciate most of all about working with Katia is her gentle, caring approach, and her great sense of humor! -Rich


Katia has a warm, friendly, and spiritual presence. She knows Reiki's history and practices and offers a supportive environment for learning and healing. I highly recommend her sessions and courses. -Bar


Katia’s classes have a very welcoming feel. What I loved the most is the people that I’ve come to meet while undergoing the certification. Working with everyone’s energy, and finding myself again.

Katia also has follow up videos, which is so helpful and filled with great tips, and new ways of looking at manifestation and law of attraction.

I think that so many people would benefit from Reiki. Thank you, Katia, for your time and dedication to helping others.  I am so glad I took a chance. -Cristine


Katia is a gifted healer. She is super focused, highly intuitive & shares an abundance super high vibe energy that feels safe, loving, kind & amazingly clear.

I highly recommend her for reiki healing sessions.

🙏🏼💖Mahalo Nui Katia❣️ -Liz


This workshop fulfilled every aspect I was hoping for and more.  Katia was a warm and welcoming instructor.  The meditations were the most healing, as well as the hands-on practice.  I thought Katia was very gentle and helpful.



Katia did a great job explaining what Reiki is and guiding me through my first experience.  I started out skeptical and left feeling confident and reenergized.  My husband even noticed a difference in my energy afterwards.  If you’re new to Reiki, give it a try!  Looking forward to my next session with Rainbow Reiki Energy.  -Natalie


A beautiful and comprehensive introduction to Reiki healing.  I can’t wait for level 2!  -Charlotte


Katia provided compassionate hands-on experience for Reiki.  I feel much more knowledgeable and excited on how to incorporate Reiki into my future. -Ella


I enjoyed reconnecting with other elements of what I once felt.  Knowing I am on the greatest path on this journey.  Katia is amazing.  She freely is open to guide and share.  What a remarkable moment, I look forward to more teaching.  -Kahaku


Class was more than what I thought it would be.  I am leaving with so much more wisdom, healing and amazing energy.  Katia is a great teacher.  -Kūlia

Reiki one with Katia was an absolute blessing.  I had a great time connecting and learning.  I can't wait until Reiki 2! -Katie

Katia is an exceptional teacher- knowledgeable, patient, connecting, and she imparts her love of Reiki to her students. -Linda

How Rainbow Reiki Energy Began

Rainbow Reiki Energy started through a beautiful sisterhood!  Katia met Liz met at a Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki level 1 course!  Liz was Katia's first Reiki share partner!  Over the years they bonded as they went through Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Level 2 Training, Advanced Reiki Training, Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Training, and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher Training together.

They started sharing Reiki sessions with each other and found they had a deep connection to Reiki and each other.  One time when Liz gave Katia Reiki, Katia had a vision of the two of them hosting a retreat together.


Katia knew she needed to share the magic and healing powers of Reiki beyond their sisterhood.  And a few months later, Rainbow Reiki Energy was born!

The rainbow represents the chakras, which are a huge part of Reiki healing, along with trusting the intuition.

Katia and Liz still meet to share Reiki with each other.  They also host some of the Rainbow Reiki Energy workshops together and are looking forward to bringing you the Venus Chakra Journey and retreats soon!


Meet Liz

Liz's journey in the healing arts began in 1995 with her first Reiki attunement; she  has studied and practiced a variety of healing modalities over the years including 


Polarity Therapy & Zen Shiatsu Acupressure at Heartwood Institute; Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with Aunty Margaret Machado & Long Life Lomi Lomi with Dr. Dane Silva. Eventually the path led right back home to Reiki!

Liz is also a passionate astrologer and has been a member of the Venus Alchemy community since 2014,  engaging with the cycle of Venus from Morning to Evening Star as a cyclic journey through the chakras.