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Daily Reiki Practice - 30 Days of Reiki

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After completing your Reiki 1 certification course, putting your new Reiki knowledge and skills to use in practical ways is essential for growing your connection to Reiki energy and yourself. Don’t let your certification course be one beautiful day or weekend of learning and relaxation- carry that feeling forward! Allow Reiki into your life as a regular healing and relaxation practice you can rely on. Whether you finished your certification course yesterday or 35 years ago, these methods of incorporating Reiki into your life will help you align with the Reiki energy. You’ll get more comfortable with sensing the hibiki or subtle sensations and more familiar with what it feels like when Reiki flows through you and to you. You’ll start to feel a natural pull to want to give Reiki to people, things, situations- everything around you! You’ll know when Reiki can help (which is usually always). Each day of this course will include three suggested ways to practice Reiki- including a Gassho meditation, a method for practicing self-Reiki, and an idea for sharing Reiki beyond yourself. And I’ll keep it short enough to make it practical and doable! The only thing that limits what we can share Reiki with is our imagination so allow your mind to run wild and let the Reiki flow! You’re welcome to freestyle any time- follow your intuition- whatever you feel called to do is the perfect Reiki practice for you! Ready to add Reiki to your daily life? Let's get started!

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