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Root Chakra Healing

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The Root Chakra is also called the Muladhara chakra or the base chakra. It's associated with the color red. It’s located at the base of your spine but also includes your legs and feet. It's associated with the sense of smell. It lays the foundation for harmonizing all of the other chakras. A balanced root chakra is responsible for feelings of security, vitality, belonging, support, centeredness, balance, and stability. This chakra helps with that feeling, “I am enough.” The base chakra is also associated with the Earth element. For this reason, being in nature can help harmonize the root chakra. A blocked Root Chakra leads to physical weakness and excessive worrying. It can manifest as feeling your needs are not being met and you will focus on physical pleasures and material goods. An under-active root chakra leaves you feeling disorganized, insecure, and overwhelmed. If your root chakra is overactive, you will be excessively opposed to change, angry, greedy, and impatient. In this course, you'll get an ebook with 30 daily suggestions to help heal your Root Chakra, including using crystals, meditations, journal prompts, essential oils, meditations, and more!  The course also includes video lessons in Root Chakra yoga, meditations, and more!  Ready to ground and connect? Let's get started!

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