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Into the Dark: Shadow Work Inspired By The Goddess

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Align with your authentic self through shadow work, release, and empowerment. You are a goddess. To discover your true nature is a remembering of your highest self. Release what no longer serves and awaken to your most authentic inner being. You deserve to live your own true purposeful life. In this course, you will learn about Inanna, the Goddess of Heaven and Earth and the oldest story ever recorded. She traveled to the heart of the Underworld and discovered a lot about her self on her journey of rebirth. Inspired by Inanna's divine feminine energy you will follow steps to promote transformation and growth. You'll begin with a more detailed introduction to Inanna and her beautiful story. You will create a sigil, which is considered to be a magical symbol, to help manifest your dreams. You will let go of what no longer serves in a fire release ceremony. You will go on a deep Shamanic journey to the heart of the underworld to meet the purest form of your true self. You will relax and restore your body, mind, and spirit with a yin yoga session. There are journal prompts for every step of the journey to help you explore your experiences and integrate their lessons. Rise and align with your true purpose in this course.

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