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Letting Go...

Last weekend my friend and I repainted the wall at Rainbow Reiki Energy and I moved all of my oracle cards, crystals, and healing tools out of the space. I believe it's for the best. Things weren't aligned energetically with sharing that space and it was becoming more and more apparent.


Rainbow Reiki Energy studio


Studio with blank bland wall

I feel awful about taking the healing space and offerings from my clients. I will very much miss seeing them at Rainbow Reiki Energy. I prefer to think of it as a rest and reset period than a closing. I think we will rise together again.

From this experience I also have a much better understanding of what I DO want one day from a new space of my very own....

Lessons Learned

I believe in being open and going with the flow. I trust in the universe and have faith that things happen as they are meant to. I believe in trying things and failing forward. I want to normalize being open and vulnerably sharing all steps in the process, not just the wins. I believe in letting go when things aren't working, whether it's an event, a space, a person, or any other kind of obligation. If you let something go, that doesn't make you a quitter. It means you're focused on things that serve your highest and best. It means you know that when one door closes another one opens. It means you're open to new possibilities. I'm not saying give up as soon as things get hard. I'm not saying not to try. But when you've done everything you can, and it still isn't right, it's ok to let go. Have you heard of the sunk cost fallacy? People don't like to let go if they've already but time, energy, and/or money into something. But what you've already invested is gone. It's actually smarter to move on if it's not working than to put moooore into it. And so we will move on together...

Looking forward:

I will still be offering workshops. I'm teaching a NEW class is in the works in a NEW LOCATION that I will tell you more about SOON (when it's finalized). I can even offer Reiki sessions at the massage studio next door to the old Rainbow Reiki Energy! I'm also working on a BRAND NEW virtual offering that I'm really, REALLY excited about. Letting go is a big part of it- letting go before you build yourself up and step into a whole new version of you! More details coming soon...

I hope to see you soon one way or another! I'm grateful for your support


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Image by Yeshi Kangrang
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