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The crown chakra or sahasrara chakra represents spirituality and your purest being. It is the source of enlightenment. It provides spiritual insight and is the basis for mindfulness. With a balanced crown chakra, it’s said you’ll find that everything is connected– we’re all part of the whole and the whole is within each of us. You’ll be able to look beyond yourself and act selflessly. You’ll sense unity, feel free-spirited and connect to the divine and all that is. You’ll see you are awareness and consciousness. You will be inspired and energized and certain of your role.

This beautiful colorful 32-page chakra workbook gives 30 daily suggestions for helping to align and restore your sacral chakra (such as affirmations, yoga poses, crystals, meditations, mindfulness activities, and more) along with chakra journal pages to reflect on your experiences.

Crown Chakra Journal ebook - Balance Your Crown Chakra

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