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This beautiful white mala necklace is made of clear quartz, moonstone, and howlite. It has 108 beads (+the guru!) and a white tassel. It's perfect for your spiritual or meditation practice.  Katia designed this necklace and it was handmade by women in India.

About the crystals:


Clear quartz is said to be the "master healer." It may amplify energy and other crystals. It may help harmonize the chakras. It's also said to help with manifestation.

Moonstone may guide your feminine energies. It's said to be nourishing, healing, sensual, and tranquil.

Howlite is said to be calming and to improve awareness, communication, and emotional expression.

This combination of crystals may be healing and calming, which could be a beautiful addition to your Reiki practice.

Moonstone, Howlite & Clear Quartz Mala

$77.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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