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This book was written by Reiki Master Teacher and Rainbow Reiki Energy owner, Katia, and includes her original writing, meditations, photographs, and chakra-balancing suggestions.  It's a wonderful tool for anyone looking to deepen their connection with the chakras.


- - - - 


Do you ever feel a little off, but can't explain why?  Low on energy?  Emotional for no good reason?  Unclear on your purpose?  It could be that your chakras are not aligned.


But you can fix that!


This guide will teach you to balance, align, and clear your chakras to restore peace to your body, mind, and spirit.


This beautiful full-color guide offers daily suggestions to help you connect with each of the 7 main chakras through meditations, journal prompts, affirmations, yoga poses, mantras, mudras, scents, crystals, and so much more.  


The book features 210 practices in all to help you realign your chakras and reconnect with your truest self.


- - - - 

So excited to share this chakra journey guide with you for your healing and growth!

Balancing the Rainbow Within: Your Daily Chakra Journey Guide

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