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Crown Chakra: Spirituality and Connection: Balancing, Meditation, Mantra, Mudra, Asana and More

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Crown Chakra: Spirituality and Connection: Balancing, Meditation, Mantra, Mudra, Asana and More

The crown chakra is also called the Sahasrara chakra (which means the thousand-fold chakra). It is primarily associated with the color violet, but also white and gold. It’s located in the middle of the head at the highest point. It faces upwards. This point is said to be where energy enters the body.

The crown chakra is considered to be the top of the chakra ladder, and it connects you to the universe in the same way that the root chakra connects you to the Earth. The crown chakra pulls the energy of all of the other chakras together.

The sahasrara chakra represents spirituality and your purest being. It is the source of enlightenment. It provides spiritual insight and is the basis for mindfulness. With a balanced crown chakra, it’s said you’ll find that everything is connected– we’re all part of the whole and the whole is within each of us. You’ll be able to look beyond yourself and act selflessly. You’ll sense unity, feel free-spirited and connect to the divine and all that is. You’ll see you are awareness and consciousness. You will be inspired and energized and certain of your role.

There are no blockages in the 7th chakra; instead it is developed to a greater or lesser extent.

Crown Chakra: Spirituality and Connection: Balancing, Meditation, Mantra, Mudra, Asana and More

Balancing Techniques

One of the best methods of balancing this spiritual chakra is silence. Allowing yourself time and space to think and be really helps the crown chakra. For this reason, meditation is very effective for healing and balancing the crown chakra.

As this chakra helps connect you to the divine within and the divine in the universe, prayer can also be a powerful healing tool.

Sound healing like gong baths, Tibetan singing bowls or sound baths are great techniques for connecting to the universe and balancing the Sahasrara chakra. The energy of the universe is closely linked to light. A great way to stimulate your crown chakra is allowing sunLIGHT to shine directly onto the top of your head, where your crown chakra is located.

Once your crown chakra is balanced, you will feel serenity, joy, and contentment with life. You will be compassionate and experience love. If any of the balancing techniques work even for a moment, I believe it's worth it!


Meditation has very strong healing powers on the crown chakra because this chakra is so closely connected to spirituality. For a meditation, imagine a glowing purple light at your crown (the top of your head). From this light, let a sprout emerge, and slowly that sprout will grow upward into a stalk. A small bud will form at the end of the stalk. It will slowly grow into a larger, bulging bud. It will slowly bloom and open into a thousand-petaled lotus, the symbol of the chakra.

Alternatively, focus on that same spot on the top of your head. This time, white light is pouring into your body through that spot. Let that light slowly fill you and keep a subtle focus on your crown. The light is connecting you with the universe, which is itself light. The life force of universe enters your energy system through the crown, and flows down through the other chakras. You are becoming one with the universe.


This is one of my favorite mudras. I think it's so beautiful! Possibly because of how much I love lotuses. In sanskrit, padma means lotus. Mudra means seal or closure- when you connect your fingers, you connect energy centers and it can help harness specific energies for healing, manifesting or whatever you wish to achieve.

In this mudra, the fingers spread apart like the petals of the lotus. The outer edges of the thumbs touch, and the same for the outer edges of pinkies. Let your fingers bloom into a beautiful blossom!


The mantra associated with the crown chakra is the classic AUM, also sometimes written om. This sound is said to be the sound of the universe. It encompasses the beginning, middle and end of everything in its three sounds (A-U-M).


I am at peace

I honor the divine within

I am present in this moment

I am open to divine wisdom


Head stand (salamba sirsasana) helps bring energy to the crown of your head quite literally and benefits this chakra as well. Savasana (corpse pose) plays into the idea of silence and meditation for the crown chakra. Half lotus (ardha padmasana) plays into the meditative nature of the pose and the theme of the lotus.

In all of the yoga asanas related to this chakra, it's important to take on a sort of yin approach. This means you should take it slow, concentrate on the breath, have a meditative and spiritual vibe to your practice.


Two pranayama techniques that can help the crown chakra are kapalibhati and nadi shodhana. Kapalibhati is also known as skull shining breath technique and involves forced exhales and natural inhales. Nadi Shodhana means alternative nostril breath. We have a whole post on it on my yoga blog!

Everything purple! But sometimes white

There is no food to help heal the crown chakra, after all, food cannot heal the spirit. Try some essential oils, like frankincense, jasmine, rose, rosewood, or cedarwood (I recommend doTERRA oils because of their purity)

There are several purple and white stones that can help with healing: selenite, clear quartz, amethyst, sugilite, and diamond.

Aromatherapy for the sahasrara chakra includes scents like lavender, rosewood, and frankincense.

Sahasrara Chakra

Everything in the universe is connected. Balancing your crown chakra (and other chakras) is your key to becoming part of the divine oneness, an understanding of this life and pure bliss. Enlightenment.

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