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Recommended Reiki Reading - My Top 4 Favorite Reiki Books

Ready to learn more about Reiki? I have a few suggested Reiki books for you!

The best Reiki books

Somehow I have quite quickly amassed a small library of Reiki books. I guess because Reiki is my thing. I love learning different viewpoints and methodologies- I'm a lifelong learner type for sure.

Anyway, I'll save you the trouble of ordering alllll of the books like I did. Hopefully, my descriptions below will help you choose a couple of books that are perfect for you.

[I have included links for your convenience in case you'd like to order any of the books. Yes, I do receive a small commission if you order through the link. What will I spend it on? Probably more books so I can keep learning and serve you even better.]

This book was actually gifted to me by one of my Senior Reiki students. He is already a Reiki Master but came to my Reiki 1 class at the senior center to check it out. And he came back because he, "had a good experience from the meditations." And who doesn't want to hang out with other Reiki people and share Reiki? He shared this book because he loved it too.

Anyway, The Reiki Sourcebook has become my new favorite Reiki resource. I like that it's very deeply rooted in fact. The book lets the reader in on background information behind some of the Reiki concepts, different Reiki perspectives and methodologies, amusing tall tales shared by various Reiki leaders, and meaningful quotes related to Reiki. It's logically laid out and flows smoothly. I also like the **** in the back that helps with lots of Japanese words in the Reiki tradition.

This book is another one of my favorites. It gives lots of useful tips about improving your intuition and using it with Reiki- about sensing and believing. It was a real eye-opener for me about the possibilities of how Reiki can manifest and it's full of good stories of experiences people had with Reiki. The author of this book quickly became one of my new favorites and she also wrote my #4 pick.

This is the official Reiki manual I teach from. It gives good information about how to use Reiki and where the methods and ideas came from and how they evolved over time. It has a few vintage-y pictures that I love and closely follows the Usui line of Reiki. Some sections get a little wordy but it's still a Reiki classic.

This book makes be feel like a Reiki rebel in a good way! I love how it exposes lots of Reiki secrets and makes it ok to share and do Reiki in your own way. It's a teaching and learning manual and an awesome resource. It has good analogies and experience stories too. It also depicts the symbols, which is often considered taboo. She also goes into how to do an old-fashioned Reiki attunement.

Other Good Reiki Books!

These ones are small but mighty!!

What Reiki books do you love??

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