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What's The Difference Between The Reiki Levels?

A Reiki Level 1 class is a great introduction to energy healing. Energy is vibrating and alive in everything everywhere so with a little training and guidance, you can learn to help that energy re-align if it is out of balance. And that's exactly what you'll do in a Reiki 1 class!

From there, you can think of Reiki as a 3-way light switch. Your Reiki 1 attunement turns on the light for the very first time. When you become a Reiki 2 practitioner, you turn up the light so it shines more brightly- the Reiki you call in is stronger and you have a deeper connection to it. And you'll learn 3 symbols so you can help guide your Reiki energy with your own intentions for healing your recipient.

Then in the Advanced/Reiki Master Training (which also includes 4 more attunements), you get to turn the light all the way up. You're on full power! Your Reiki connection is even stronger still and you have a deep understanding of the energy of those around you and how to heal them. (This light analogy comes from Tina Zion's book, The Reiki Teachers' Manual)

A Reiki Level 1 class typically includes:

  • Reiki meditations to get acquainted this beautiful energy form and experience its magic first-hand

  • A placement (a new version of the attunement) so you're personally connected to Reiki and can call it in to channel healing energy any time you'd like!

  • Background info on what Reiki is and how it works- the nitty gritty!

  • An explanation of the Reiki Ideals and how they apply to your everyday life

  • Some history of the Reiki form you're learning and how it was passed down through the masters to you

  • Details on how to give Reiki to yourself for your own healing (both by following the standard hand positions and by intuitively discovering the locations where you need healing most)

  • Opportunities to practice giving Reiki to other class participants so you'll be more comfortable when you want to share Reiki outside of class

  • Ideas for other things you can give Reiki to- your recipient doesn't even have to be human!

  • A technique for clearing and cleansing negative energy so it doesn't stick with you

  • A course manual for extended learning

  • Certification as a Reiki Level 1 practitioner!

A Reiki Level 2 class typically includes:

  • A Reiki 2 placement (attunement) to deepen and strengthen your connection to Reiki energy as well as activate the Reiki symbols:

    • Cho ku rei - the power symbol, which speeds and intensifies the Reiki you give

    • Sei he ki - the mental/emotional symbol or harmony symbol which is also good for cleansing and for lightening up

    • Hon sha zhe sho nen - the time and distance symbol so you can send Reiki to the other side of the planet as well as into the past or future

  • Enkaku Chiryo (distant Reiki) methods, uses, and practice!

  • Another Reiki experience (or semi-guided meditation) to connect with Reiki in a beautiful subconscious way and bring new insights and healing

  • Gyoshi ho or sending Reiki with the eyes

  • Koki ho - healing with the breath

  • More opportunities to practice Reiki and ways to practice the symbols you have learned

  • Tips for giving a complete, professional Reiki session with the symbols

Advanced Reiki and Reiki Master Training

These 2 levels are typically taught together. And you're required to practice and assimilate your Reiki 2 learning for at least 6 months before taking on the master training. This 3-day workshop or training turns your Reiki powers up to their top level!

The course typically includes:

  • 4 ignitions to progressively empower the Holy Fire symbol

  • Master Practitioner Placement including connection with Dai Ko Myo Master symbol for activating positive energy

  • 3 additional Reiki experiences to connect, heal, and receive new insights

  • Practice giving Reiki sessions including the new symbols as well as

  • Reiki moving meditation

  • learn about the 12 heavens

  • learn about becoming your Authentic Self with Reiki

  • learn the Holy Fire Meditation

  • learn to teach Reiki courses to others

  • learn about using crystals and stones with Reiki

  • learn about spiritual guides and how they play into your Reiki practice, as well as the Brothers and Sisters of the Light and the Ascended Masters

Reiki is a beautiful healing energy that's so beautiful to share with others and give to yourself. It may open your mind, bring new insights, and heal you in ways you never expected. It's changed my life and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to connect more deeply with themselves and the world around them.

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Image by Yeshi Kangrang
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