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Why I Remove ALL Energetic Attachments

I no longer give gentle Reiki to everything I sense beyond clients' being. I boldly remove blocks and attachments. I also don't leave things that I feel may be "nice" anymore. If I sense it, it's not a natural, healthy part of YOU and therefore it doesn't belong.

Keep in mind Reiki can do no harm.

Letting go of energetic attachments
Letting go of energetic attachments

When it's not meant to be released

Just like with cord cutting (where I cut all attachments), if I remove something and it's meant to be there, it will return. Sometimes instantly.

If I remove something a couple of times and won't budge, I understand it's meant to stay or it's not mine to do.

Usually, if it's just stubborn and stuck some part of it will go and with more attempts, I can get the rest. If it won't go at all, that's different.

Some healing work isn't ready yet or the client must do it themselves. Sometimes they hold on to something negative because it serves them in some way. For example: victim mindset is a negative block but perhaps they get sympathy from others and this brings them connection and pleasure so they aren't ready to let it go. Even if consciously they think they want to, sometimes realistically, deep down, they enjoy having it and it's rooted in them with love.

Reiki respects free will.

What about the good stuff?

I have clients who question the choice to remove everything. Some of these items that I see psychically have potentially good connotations and clients want to associate with these things.

For me, though, I don't believe you want anything attached to you. We'd all love to have a million dollars in cash, right? But do you want to have to carry it everywhere you go in your pocket? Wouldn't you rather put it in the bank (or even in a buried treasure chest) and just carry the essence of being a millionaire within you?

Energetic attachments also bog down your energetic being- you're carrying them around.

It's like spirit attachments. Sometimes they come to help you for a bit (like through a particular challenge in life) but when their work is done, they forget to leave you alone.

So I cut the cords.

If the spirits still have work to do with you, they want to help you and will come back to you. If their work is done or the attachment isn't beneficial for you, they move on.

It's the same with the things or blocks that are attached to you that you're carrying around. Maybe you needed them for a while to help you grow, understand something in a new way, to empower you through some experiences in life, or to cope with a difficult situation.

BUT once you have absorbed these items' energy or lesson into your being, you don't need to carry around the thing to have its energy and wisdom. It should be within your energetic being, not attached to you.

And if you're thinking "woah, woah, woah, what about the bad stuff? I don't want to absorb that into my being!" It can also be the lesson you absorb. Reiki can help lessen the lasting effects (emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual!) of an event or situation. It can't change the past but it can change how you relate to it. It can remove the blocks and pain associated with the events so you don't have to carry them either.

I also don't think it's fair to judge what's "good" or "bad." Like with emotions, there is a range but you always come back to a neutral state.

The pure essence of you

With attachments too, you want to come back to the pure essence of yourself.

So I remove anything that is not you.

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