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What does it mean if something is "Reiki-Charged?"

Let's take a step back to start...

What is Reiki?

The kanji (Japanese symbol) for Reiki is made of 2 parts. The top part means spiritual, universal, from universal consciousness, from God, from source (the exact words you choose are irrelevant- you get the concept- from above).

Reiki kanji
Reiki kanji

And the second part is ki, which depicts a steaming pot of rice because of rice's life-nourishing powers. It represents the energy moving in everything all the time. Everything is vibrating, whether it's your body, your stove, your dog, a tree, a chair, the earth itself, I could go on and on.

When Rei is channeled into anything or anyone, it straightens out the vibrations so that energy can flow smoothly and return to its original balance and alignment. There are channels of energy in you (and everyone/thing else) and energy is supposed to flow along them, but sometimes it gets knocked off course and creates difficulty in your life. Reiki brings it back to its rightful course and vibration.

So what does it mean if something is "Reiki-charged?"

Reiki has been channeled to something! It's been filled up with beautiful juicy sparkling energy!

Imagine what a cell phone feels like when it's charged- although that's actually with electricity, being Reiki-charged can feel similar! It's bringing you back to your full self.

Some people describe the feeling of Reiki as that of unconditional love. Some people say it's peaceful or soft. Some people experience Reiki like something has been given a slight electrical charge- whatever way you want to say it, if something is Reiki-charged, it's just FILLED with good vibrating energy and helps you function as your best, highest self.

Once you've been attuned, you can Reiki charge... anything!

  • yourself

  • someone you know

  • a candle

  • your car

  • your kitchen sink

  • a plant

  • your cat

  • your room

  • your bed

  • on and on and on

(Continues below)

Reiki fills the forest
Reiki fills the forest

And because Reiki can also work on situations past, present or future it can help with

  • events

  • anxiety

  • grief around past events

  • spaces

  • your current surroundings and interactions

  • future situations you're uncertain about

  • and again on and on

So for example, the Reiki-charged yoga class we have coming up will be Reiki-charged. What does that mean?

  • the space will be Reiki-charged before you come so healing energy flows through everyone and everything there

  • the event itself is charged by Reiki so everything will flow smoothly and just as it needs to to help everyone heal (Reiki has its own awareness and guides practitioners)

  • you'll be Reiki-charged even if you don't see anything out of the ordinary - it's been set up to come to you once you arrive and start moving

  • the teachers will be charged to deliver what's needed in whatever way will fit everyone best

  • everyone will feel good in class and afterward because Reiki doesn't stop flowing just because the event has "ended"


SO if something is Reiki-charged it's been super-charged with sparkling high-vibe energy and full awareness and consciousness. Its tank if full and it meets its true potential.

P.S. Want to learn to Reiki-charge things?

If you want to be able to Reiki-charge people and things in your life, check out my Reiki 1 virtual course to be attuned and learn some techniques for HOW to channel Reiki. or local Reiki workshops in Hilo.

If you're already attuned, check out Reiki 1 Walking the Path for 30 days of Reiki practice including daily

  • Gassho meditations

  • Self-Reiki guided sessions

  • Demos to Reiki-charging people and things beyond yourself

  • **3 days these are Reiki experiences instead which are semi-guided meditations to help connect with Reiki in a different way

Even if you're already a Reiki 2 practitioner or Reiki Master, this course still can be a great tool to strengthen your connection with Reiki.



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