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Wait, what is Reiki? And other Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

In short? Pronounced ray-key, Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction and relaxation technique. It's also considered an energy healing technique.

Wait, what is Reiki? And other Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word Reiki mean?

In Japanese Rei means spiritual wisdom. And Ki is similar to chi in Chinese, or prana in Sanskrit- it means life energy. Together, Rei and Ki become Reiki, or spiritually-guided life energy.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki re-aligns you with your true path, source, and spirit. During a Reiki treatment, the pure flow of energy is re-aligned within the body. Reiki washes down, clearing obstructions and strengthening the flow of energy. This signifies a connection to the understanding of your purpose on earth and the easiest, most successful way of achieving it, according to The Reiki Sourcebook.

Reiki can be given in-person with a light touch on the physical body or by hovering the hands above the physical body. Reiki can also be done as “distance reiki.” A special Reiki symbol helps send Reiki energy across time and space.

Unlike massage, Reiki uses a light touch. It does not physically go deep into muscles. It does not even manipulate the skin or move it in any way.

***Reiki should not be used instead of seeking medical attention from a doctor, psychologist, or other health care professional. It is meant to complement these modalities, not replace them. Reiki works in harmony with other forms of healing.***

Energetically, Reiki can work very deeply, even on a cellular level! Reiki is meant to transform physical ailments, emotional struggles, even past life traumas, and more! Some people say the Reiki goes wherever it is needed.

Who is Reiki for?

Reiki is for anyone who is interested in this alternative energy healing method! Adults, children, babies, pets, plants, situations, events, world peace... anyone or anything who is open to receiving Reiki can be given Reiki.

Is Reiki religious?

Although Reiki is spiritual, it is not a religion and does not require anyone to change their spiritual or religious beliefs to practice or receive Reiki.

Can Reiki ever be bad?

Reiki is always positive high-vibe energy. It's meant for the greatest good of the recipient and also gives positive energy to the practitioner. It cannot be channeled for negative intentions or evil. Reiki can only do good.

How do you learn Reiki?

If you're becoming a Reiki practitioner, you'll be “attuned” to the Reiki energy. This means you'll go through a special process called a Placement to receive the ability to channel Reiki energy from a Reiki Master Teacher (like the ones here at Rainbow Reiki Energy!). Then you'll learn how to guide the energy. And you can give Reiki to yourself and others.

To sign up for a course, check out our upcoming courses and events!

Why are there so many different levels and kinds of Reiki training?

As you progress through your learning as a Reiki practitioner, you will learn new skills and deepen your understanding of Reiki. With more and more practice, you'll grow a stronger relationship with the Reiki energy and it will most likely transform the way you see Reiki and yourself... for the better!

What are Reiki symbols?

As you progress through your learning as a Reiki practitioner, you receive symbols that you can use in your practice with each level of training. Each symbol is powered with different energy and healing characteristics. The symbols are generally kept secret until they are shared with you by your Reiki master during your training. Reiki courses include a chance to practice using the symbols and also a quiz on how to write them.

How many levels of Reiki classes are there?

Here at Rainbow Reiki Energy, we teach 4 levels from the Usui/Holy Fire tradition, including Level 1, Level 2, Advanced, and Master. We also teach Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master training.

How long does it take to become a Reiki practitioner?

A beginning Reiki class can be taught in a weekend. It's a minimum of 6 hours long. Along with a placement (which is a semi-guided meditation that gives you the ability to channel Reiki energy), there's a chance to learn to give treatments to yourself and others and practice giving treatments.

We'd to have you join us in one of our courses! Check out upcoming courses events!

Ready for more?

If you're ready to learn more about Reiki, check out my workshops, Reiki healing sessions, or virtual programs. I can't wait to share more with you!

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