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Aura Color Meanings

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Color can be an important aspect of sensing someone's aura. Below is a description of the common meanings behind different aura colors. These are generalizations- be sure to trust your intuition and the guidance you receive most highly. But in a pinch, these common correlations may help you interpret the aura colors you sense and guide you in treating the aura with Reiki.

Black Auras

Sometimes people are put off by the idea of black in an aura. There is nothing wrong with black in the aura! Black often means someone is shielding themself from outside energies. This can also mean being unbalanced; they are hiding something or keeping secrets. A black ring usually indicates some form of abuse, adults who have not dealt with their abuse will carry this black ring until they are healed. It can also indicate meditative qualities.

Blue Auras

Blue comes in different shades. Gifted people have shades of blue in their aura. Intuitive people may show pale blue coloration within the purple bursting out like rays of sunshine, emanating from the heart outwards. Light blue can also indicate softness. A deeper blue can indicate loneliness. A very deep blue may show devotion, honesty, and good judgment, whereas muddier shades of blue may indicate a domineering person or a tendency towards depression.

Brown Auras

Brown can indicate growth in a person. When brown is seen around the head and with other colors emanating in combination, it may indicate a person is developing mentally or intuitively and organizing within. Brown by itself can indicate a lack of energy or stagnant tendencies or behaviors. It can also be related to dis-ease.

Gold Auras

Gold may indicate lots of spiritual energy and being in tune with oneself. Muddy gold can mean one has not really come to terms with their higher level powers just yet. Gold can also be related to higher inspiration and creativity.

Green Auras

Green may indicate someone is sympathetic to others, dependable, and has healing abilities. Muddier shades of green could indicate jealousy- like “green with envy.” Green can also indicate change and growth as well as harmony or healing.

Grey Auras

Grey can indicate intuition and creativity. Silvery gray shows femininity, while darker gray can mean secretiveness or physical imbalance. Grey is also sometimes said to indicate karma or resistance.

Orange Auras

Bright orange means one is growing emotionally and paranormally. A dull shade of orange means a person is unsure how to accept this growth. Muddy orange may show in a person with excessive pride. Orange can also indicate confidence, expression, warmth, and joy. It can also indicate someone who is taking action or feels deep desire.

Pink Auras

Pink is the color of love and honesty. It also depicts the quieter side of an artistic and creative person. Dark pink may indicate immaturity or changes in one's love life. Dull pink, however, may mean someone is lying. Pink can also be linked to sensitivity, emotional tendencies, or softness.

Purple Auras

The color of intuition, a deep purple hue shows a strong-willed and passionate person. It can also reflect intense erotic imagination or being overbearing. Purple is also sometimes linked to mysticism, obsessions, creativity, connection to the supernatural, or imagination.

Red Auras

Red is a color of love or hate, strong emotions, and a lot of energy. An intense red color, however, may indicate a person who is ready to take action on the energies. Red can also indicate sexuality, movement, sexuality, love, or courage.

Yellow Auras

Yellow is usually seen around a thinker, or an analytical person. It could indicate a balanced person. Intelligent people often show this color around their heads.

White Auras

White can indicate a connection to the Divine or spirituality. It can also show eternal attributes.

The Aura And The Chakras

Sometimes auric colors are also related to the chakras and their functions. The aura expands away from the body in layers which represent the chakras. The Root Chakra auric layer is closest to the physical body, followed by the Sacral Chakra auric layer, etc. expanding all the way out to the Crown Chakra auric layer.

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As an intuitive Reiki practitioner, you may also sense colors in these layers or other hibiki, or sensations. Remember you can treat the aura as well as the physical body with the hands on the auric layer or with beaming or distance Reiki.

Aura Reiki Resource

Some of the information in this article comes from Reiki and Your Intuition by Tina M Zion. The book gives a wonderful detailed description of different shades of each color and their many meanings as well as how Reiki can be used in conjunction with the aura color sensations. I highly recommend this book- it had lots of great ideas, intuitive techniques, and inspiration! I listened to the audiobook but then also bought the hard copy because I loved it so much and wanted to be able to refer back to it. It's probably my favorite Reiki book I've read so far!

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